We analyze your HR and company data and compare it with data from external sources. With our calculations and scenarios, we provide fact-based foundations for preventive and effective decisions on your company-specific issues in all HR topics. For example:

  • Retention analysis
  • Fluctuation analysis
  • Job Market Analysis
  • Job Market Trends
  • Leadership Performance
  • Diversity and Inklusion
  • Skill Management
  • Workforce Planning

Show current situation & potentials

In joint workshops, we develop your company-specific questions and the required data. We analyze internal and external data and visualize the current situation. We also show potentials how you can address your company-specific questions with our data-driven approach in the future.

Advanced analyses & customized reports

Together we expand and deepen the analyses along the identified potentials. We take care of regular data transfer, processing and analysis for your company-specific questions. As a result, you will receive customized reports based on our statistical models and analyses.

Implementation of an interactive web dashboard

Together we evaluate your further analytic needs. We implement an interactive web dashboard with which you can query and visualize the defined indicators and analyses in real time. This provides you with a fact-based foundation for preventive and effective decisions at any time.